[Obsolete] M505 Process Calibrator

Handheld calibrator-multimeter of industrial process signals including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. External signals up to 200 V or 100 mA can be measured simultaneously with signal sourcing.

  • Handheld calibrator and multimeter
  • 1 ms sampling feature

The main functions are the sourcing of mV or mA signals, resistance and simulation of DIN-thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors. Up to eight fast input signals -Transients- can be measured, memorized and shown at the display as graphs or uploaded to a PC via USB. For fast checking or calibration of process transmitters the M505 output and input can be cross connected to the transmitter, whereas both sourced and measured signals will be displayed online. mV voltage ranges are useful for calibration of strain gauges, amplifiers, transmitters and small signal instruments, where the output voltage can be resolved down to 1 uV.

Transients: Eight memory slots are available for storing of fast signals at the multimeter input. Each transient can individually be shown on LCD display.

DC voltage 0 - 25 V
mVDC ranges 27 mV and 540 mV
± 0.1 % / year
DC current 0 - 22 mA
± 0.1 % / year
Resistance 45 Ω - 3 kΩ, resolution 10 mΩ
± 0.1 % / year
Temperature TC BEJKNRST with cold junction compensation
RTD ± 0.5°C / year

Process Multimeter

DC voltage 0 - 200 V
mVDC resolution down to 100 uV
± 0.1 % / year
DC current 0 - 100 mA
± 0.1 % / year
[Obsolete] M505 Process Calibrator Basic version
[Obsolete] M505D Process Calibrator Full version with datalogger and PC software