Calibration Services

Meatest calibration laboratory provides traceable calibrations of all Meatest equipment. Our laboratory is registered at Czech Metrology Institute and our main standards are traceable directly to national standards. New calibration instruments get calibrated automatically, recalibrations of used equipment can be ordered as well. Sample calibration certificates are listed below:

ISO17025 calibration

Upon request we can organize calibrations of Meatest equipment in ISO17025 accredited partner laboratories like Czech Metrology Institute. All partner laboratories are part of ILAC MRA and so their calibration certificates are valid worldwide.

Calibration process in Meatest

Calibrations usually take around 2 - 3 weeks. First of all, instruments get tested upon arrival. If any defects are found, customer gets a service quote with failure details to confirm. Clear of all defects, instruments get adjusted (if necessary) and scheduled for internal factory calibration or sent to external ISO17025 calibration laboratory. Factory calibrations are usually done within couple of days, based on test stand availability. ISO17025 calibrations in external laboratories and related logistics usually take 1 - 2 weeks. Once completed, instruments are repacked and returned to customer.

The best way to speed up your calibration is to book your calibration in advance, provide us with serial number and then tracking number or ETA when available. Sending an instrument for ISO17025 calibration such that it arrives to Meatest on Monday/Tuesday also helps cutting turnaround time as much as possible.