M160i Precision DC Calibrator

20 ppm calibrator of DC process signals designed for calibration of evaluation units and process multimeters under demanding industrial conditions.

  • 20 ppm accuracy
  • 13°C - 33°C reference temp. range
  • 100 V @ 25 mA output capacity

Precision DC calibrator M160i is a portable source of industrial process signals for calibration of multimeters in laboratories as well as on site calibration of evaluation units and other process meters. High load capacity of both voltage and current outputs, robust design and exceptional 20 ppm accuracy over 20°C-wide reference temperature range make this calibrator great for demanding conditions in production facilities. Other functions include thermocouple simulation and frequency, all with accuracy and resolution to meet all requirements. With option 91 the calibrator can measure temperature directly at output terminals and compensate the cold junction effect.

User comfort

Beside M160i's industrial versatility, the calibrator is focused on user friendliness making calibrations simple and straightforward. Main parameters of both generated and measured signals are displayed on large LCD together with function-specific tooltip, providing all relevant details including range, accuracy or load limit. Inspired by recalibration simplicity of M6xx series, the M160i can be easily calibrated using just its front keyboard without any mechanical adjustment inside the instrument.
M160i can be connected to various ATE systems via RS232, USB, LAN or GPIB interface and is fully compatible with WinQbase/Caliber calibration software including the CamOCR module for automated optical UUT readouts.

DC voltage 0 - 100 V, max. burden up to 2.5 W
± 20 ppm / year
DC current 0 - 50 mA, max. burden up to 2.5 W
± 50 ppm / year
Temperature TC BCDEG2JKMNRST with cold junction compensation
Frequency 0.01 Hz - 15 kHz
± 50 ppm / year

Process Meter

Frequency 0.01 Hz - 100 kHz
± 50 ppm / year
M160i Precision DC Calibrator Basic version with voltage, current, frequency and TC functions.
M160 Precision DC Calibrator Full version with resistance and RTD functions.
Adapter 160-60
Adapter 160-60
for frequency measurement
Adapter 91
Adapter 91
Pt100 cold junction compensator
RACK M adapter
RACK M adapter
Detachable rack adapter for extra flexibility. (3HE)