M550 Impedance Calibrator

Bank of fixed resistance, capacitance and inductance standards with defined frequency characteristic up to 1 MHz for automated calibration of LCR meters.

  • Automated RCL calibration
  • Calibration data from 20 Hz to 1 MHz
  • No need for pen and paper method

Idea behind M550 Impedance Calibrator is to replace countless single value LCR standards with one calibrator that can switch between the standards like a CD changer in your car. The calibrator contains stable and temperature independent resistance standards, partial capacitance standards and partial inductance standards, simulated by RC T-type passive network. Calibration values of both complex parameters of partial standards are displayed on large LCD screen in preselected pairs of parameters as well as voltage, current and frequency readouts from built-in test signal meter. OPEN and SHORT reference positions are available as well.
Easy recalibration system offers either full recalibration in all spot frequency points or simplified offset calibration. History of calibration values of partial standards at reference frequency 1 kHz can be easily recalled.

Calibration domain

M550 was designed for calibration of LCR meters in frequency range up to 1 MHz. The philosophy of M550 is based on remote control and automated calibration. For this reason, the calibrator is equipped with RS-232 and GPIB interfaces and of course, supported in CALIBER/WinQbase calibration software.

Resistance 100 mΩ - 100 MΩ, 20 Hz - 1 MHz
± 0.02% / year @ 1 kHz
Capacitance 10 pF - 100 uF, 20 Hz - 1 MHz
± 0.05% / year @ 1 kHz
Inductance 10 uH - 10 H, 20 Hz - 1 MHz
simulated by T-network circuit
± 0.1% / year @ 1 kHz

Test Signal Meter

AC voltage 0.2 - 10 Vrms
± 2% / year
AC current 1 nA - 500 mA
± 2% / year
Frequency 20 Hz - 100 kHz
± 100 ppm / year