M525 Programmable Capacitance Decade

Programmable capacitance decade with continuous range from 100 pF to 100 uF. Based on M6xx Real-Resistance decade series for great user comfort.

  • 0.25% accuracy, maximum voltage 50 V
  • Grounded / floating operation
  • User defined conversion tables

M525 Programmable Capacitance Decade is designed specifically for calibration of capacitance ranges of multimeters and LCR meters. Due to its versatility it can be used in cal labs, repair centers and in production lines, where remote control of capacitance is needed. The M525 contains relays with high current capability and capacitors with polypropylen dielectricum for best performance.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech

Time-proven design

Based on M6xx series, this programmable decade comes with similar benefits - large LCD showing relevant parameters including total accuracy, automatically compensated parasitic capacitances, easy recalibration procedure and extensive remote control connectivity via RS232, IEEE488, USB and Ethernet.

Capacitance 100 pF - 100 uF
± 0.25% / year
RACK M adapter
RACK M adapter
Detachable rack adapter for extra flexibility. (3HE)