[Obsolete] 140-50 Current Coil x50, 1500A

140-50 has been replaced by 0950 Current Coil 10x, 25x, 50x, 1500A | Meatest
Combined 50 and 25 turn copper current coil, for calibrations of AC/DC clamp ammeters up to 1500A.

  • Dual multiplier x50 and x25
  • Rating: 20 A unlimited, 30 A for 5 min.
  • Simple, cost saving
  • Low voltage drop

140-50 Current Coil is designed to amplify current signal for calibration of AC/DC clamp ammeters up to 1500 A. The coil has two separate negative terminals for x25 and x50 coil circuits and one joint positive terminal.
Additional uncertainty 0.3% applies to DC as well as AC current up to 100 Hz.