There's definitely no need to introduce Siemens to anyone and especially to engineering professionals. Meatest provides real-resistance RTD simulators to three major European Siemens branches - Industrial Automation plants in Karlsruhe(DE) and Haguenau(FR) as well as High Power Engines and Generators plant in Drasov(CZ). Plant in Drasov manages it's own calibration department to maintain factory meters' accuracy, relying on both Meatest calibration software and hardware.

The main point of Caliber SW is to automate calibration process up to a point where you just press Enter and get back a couple of hours later to get a calibration report. People from quality control department of Siemens Drasov don't have to worry about uncertainty calculations, calibration procedures or equipment requirements becuase Caliber knows it all. They just follow Caliber's instructions and get the work done.