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THV Temperature & Humidity monitor

Monitoring of calibration laboratory reference conditions. THV measures ambient temperature and relative humidity and can periodically log all the data.

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Internal memory 32000 values
  • Battery lifetime up to 6 years

The monitor shows actual reading on front LED display. Logged data can be downloaded to a computer through USB, RS232, GSM and ethernet interfaces. Alarm function can be set to signal values over hi-limit and under lo-limit for both temperature and humidity. THV can be used independently or as a part of fully automated calibration workplaces as it is supported by WinQBase calibration software.
THV is powered by 3.6 V AA battery on which it can run for up to 6 years in 1 minute interval setting. Samples are stored in nonvolatile memory so you won't loose your data even if the battery runs out.

Temperature -30 - 105°C
accuracy 0.4°C
Relative humidity 5 - 95%
accuracy 2.5%
Datasheets pdf