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MTE Laboratory Impedance Standards

Series of single resistance, capacitance and inductance decadic standards for calibration of ohm meters, RCL meters and multimeters.

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M530 RF Resistance Standards

Series of single resistance standards designed specifically for RCL meters up to 100 MHz.

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M550 Impedance Calibrator

Bank of fixed resistance, capacitance and inductance standards with defined frequency characteristic up to 1 MHz for automated calibration of RCL meters.

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M143 Portable Multifunction Calibrator

65 ppm AC/DC multifunction calibrator with extended voltage range 0 to 1000 V, current range 0 to 20 A and other basic functions within ultra portable, 9 kg body.

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M6x2 Real-Resistance Decades

Resistance decades with ranges as wide as 14 decades. Sophisticated design and switching algorithm provides zero residual resistance, high accuracy and temperature stability for the most demanding applications.

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M160 Precision DC Calibrator

20 ppm calibrator of DC process signals designed for calibration of evaluation units and process multimeters under demanding industrial conditions.

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M142 Multifunction Calibrator

10 ppm AC/DC multifunction calibrator with built-in multimeter, 30 A extended current range and variety of functions to calibrate most of the instruments your electrical laboratory will ever come across with ease.

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M930 Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter for applications in remote or hard-to-reach areas with battery life time up to 10 years. Coil power draw limits maximum diameter to 300mm or 12 inches.

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Software for automated calibrations. Caliber can run autonomous calibration using instruments' remote controls and print calibration reports according to ISO17025. Available with CamOCR module.

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M133C Power & Energy Calibrator

Three or single phase electric power/energy calibrator with power quality functions for calibration and testing of grid measuring appliance like power meters, power transducers or power quality analysers.

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