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Software for calibration and testing of electric power transducers using Meatest M133C Three phase Power/energy Calibrator.

  • Automated calibration of various power transducers
  • Database of meters with calibration results
  • Prints calibration lists easily

POWER is automated calibration software for calibration of power, frequency, phase, voltage and current transducers with M133C Power & Energy Calibrator. The application was designed to give the user as much flexibility in customization as possible yet to be user-friendly even for people unfamiliar with programming. M133C control is maintained via GPIB bus.

System layout

POWER is divided in two modules - Test Reports and Procedures. Test Reports module does the actual calibration, prints test reports and keeps track of calibrated transducers and their results. Calibration flow is based on calibration procedures, basically lists of calibration points in order of execution. These procedures can be managed, customized or created from a scratch in Procedure module.

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