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M194 High Resistance Decade

High resistance decade with built-in test signal meter for calibration of high resistance meters up to 6 kV. Based on M6xx Real-Resistance decade series with short function for short current testing. 

  • 10 kΩ - 100.0 GΩ, short function
  • Linear hot-switching up to 6 kVdc limit
  • Test voltage and current indication

M194 High Resistance Decade is designed for calibration of insulation testers, megaohmmeters and resistance ranges of safety testers, HIPOT testers or any other DC high resistance meter with test voltage up to 6 kV. Apart from resistance source in continuous range from 10 kΩ to 100 GΩ, the M194 has built-in multimeter indicating either test voltage in resistance function or mA current in short function for testing of UUT's short current.

Time-proven design

Based on M6xx series, this programmable decade comes with similar benefits - large LCD showing relevant parameters including total accuracy, automatically compensated parasitic resistances, easy recalibration procedure and extensive remote control connectivity via RS232, IEEE488, USB and Ethernet.

DC resistance 10 kΩ - 100 GΩ, 6.3 kV max.
± 0.1% / year

Test Signal Meter

DC voltage 50 V - 6.3 kV
± 0.5% / year
DC current 0 - 10 mA
± 0.2% / year
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Manuals pdf
Remote control SW pdf
LabVIEW driver zip

Versions & Options:

M194-V1000 base version with RS232
M194-V2xxx GPIB, USB and Ethernet interface extension
M194-Vxx1x 19" rack version, height 3HE
All Meatest instruments are available with 3, 4 and 5-year extended warranties.
Delivered with EU plug. Can be swapped for other types on demand.


option 10 Test cable 1000V/20A, 1m, black
option 191-11 Test cable 5000V/20A, 1m, red
GPIB cable IEEE488-IEEE488 cable, 2m
RS232 adapter RS232-USB generic adapter
RS232 cable male-female RS232 cable, 2m