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M140 Multifunction Calibrator

35 ppm AC/DC multifunction calibrator for multimeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, temperature meters, transducers, regulators and many more. Built-in multimeter further increases user comfort by simultaneously reading and evaluating UUT output signals.

  • Wide range of functions
  • Built-in multimeter

Multifunction calibrator M140 is calibrator – tester for use in calibration laboratories as an electrical standard of voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency. Load capacity of the voltage output is 30 mA - enough for most high-consumption analogue power-meters. Installed harmonic and non-harmonic shape signals allow for testing meter sensitivity to distorted signals by a signal with various crest factor. Frequency modes, suitable for calibration of multimeters and time bases of oscilloscopes, have adjustable 6-digit frequency, amplitude and duty ratio of the output signal. The calibrator can measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors to show it on display or use for cold junction compensation.

Built-in multimeter - Tester

Internal multimeter with basic capability to measure VDC, IDC, R and F process signals is standard part of M140 full version. Meter functions can run simultaneously with source functions to measure and evaluate output signals of various types of transducers as well as external sensors (strain gauge, pressure, torsion, strength, etc.).
Another useful feature of the multimeter is 10-point automated UUT test. The calibrator can be set to source an output signal in up to 10 predefined steps and compare UUT's output with predefined specifications and optionaly operate the UUT or a switch using a relay output. The results are then displayed directly on the calibrator screen in a comprehensive table with PASS/FAIL sign at each step.

User comfort

M140 calibrator is focused on user friendliness making calibrations simple and straightforward. Each function has its dedicated chunky button and all relevant details including total relative accuracy are shown on large LCD. Range of adapters for easier terminal connection and automation possibilities, relative deviation feature that can help you with UUT error calculation and easy keyboard-controlled adjustment procedure are just a few examples to prove the point.
GPIB and RS-232 interfaces are present in both versions so the calibrator can be operated via remote control or used in WinQbase/Caliber software calibration systems including the CamOCR module for automated optical UUT readouts.

DC voltage 0 - 1000 V
± 30 ppm / year
AC voltage 1 mV - 1000 V, 20 Hz - 50 kHz
sinusoidal & non-sinusoidal waveforms
± 250 ppm / year
DC current 0 - 20 A (1000 A with 140-50 Current Coil)
± 100 ppm / year
AC current 1 uA - 20 A, 20 Hz - 5 kHz (1000 A with 140-50 Current Coil)
sinusoidal & non-sinusoidal waveforms
± 500 ppm / year
DC Power & Energy 0.4 mW - 2.4 kW (120 kW with 140-50 Current Coil)
1.1-1999 s
± 510 ppm / year
AC Power & Energy 0.4 mW - 2.4 kW, 40 - 400 Hz (120 kW with 140-50 Current Coil)
1.1-1999 s, power factor -1 to +1
± 635 ppm / year
Resistance 0 Ω - 50 MΩ, resolution 4½ digits
± 150 ppm / year
Capacitance 900 pF - 50 uF, resolution 4½ digits
± 0.5 % / year
Temperature TC BEJKNRST with cold junction compensation
RTD ± 0.07°C / year
Frequency 0.1 Hz - 20 MHz
± 50 ppm / year

Process Multimeter

DC voltage 0 - 12 V
mVDC resolution down to 100 nV
± 100 ppm / year
DC current 0 - 25 mA
± 150 ppm / year
Resistance 0 Ω - 2.5 kΩ, resolution 4½ digits
± 200 ppm / year
Temperature TC BEJKNRST
RTD ± 0.1°C / year
Frequency 1 Hz - 15 kHz
± 50 ppm / year
Datasheets pdf M140i: pdf
Manuals pdf M140i: pdf
Slides pdf
Options overview pdf

Versions & Options:

M140 Extended version with all listed functions, interface RS232 and GPIB
M140i Base version with voltage, current and TC functions, interface RS232 and GPIB
All Meatest instruments are available with 3, 4 and 5-year extended warranties.
Delivered with EU plug. Can be swapped for other types on demand.


option 140-50 1500A current coil x25/x50
option 140-01 Metal pad cable adapter for handheld testing
option 140-41 Terminal adapter for simultaneous use cal/meter
option 140-02 Complete cable set (2x opt.10, 2x opt.11, opt.20, opt.30, opt.140-01, opt.140-41)
option 10 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, black
option 11 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, red
option 20 Test cable BNC – BNC, 1m
option 30 Test cable BNC – banana, 1m
option 40 Cable adapter Canon 25 / 2 x banana for DC voltage/current measurement
option 60 Cable adapter Canon 25 / 4 x banana for 4W resistance measurement
option 70 Cable adapter Canon 25 / 4 x banana (female) for 4W resistance simulation
option 100 Adapter for ¾” output terminals spacing
option 110 10Ω Voltage-from-Current terminal adapter
GPIB cable IEEE488-IEEE488 cable, 2m
RS232 adapter RS232-USB generic adapter
RS232 cable male-female RS232 cable, 2m