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M133C Power & Energy Calibrator

Three or single phase electric power/energy calibrator with power quality functions for calibration and testing of grid measuring appliance like power meters, power transducers or power quality analysers.

  • Power quality and energy functions
  • 0.02° phase shift accuracy
  • 15 - 1000 Hz output
  • Built-in multimeter for transducer calibration
  • Floating current outputs for 3-wire power meters
  • Chinese included

M133C is electric AC/DC power and energy calibrator for calibration of power meters, power transducers, power quality analysers and generally all kinds of power measuring devices. AC voltage, current, power and energy functions have calibrated phase shift in frequency range from 15 Hz to 1 kHz with resolution as good as 0.001 Hz. Simulated electric power (including power quality functions) can be set independently in each phase of both voltage and current signals. Built-in 5½ process multimeter for transducer calibration is standard part of every M133C calibrator.

Languages: English, Chinese (simplified)

Power quality functions

Four different distortion functions are available in M133C calibrator: Harmonic distortion with up to 50 harmonic products, interharmonic distortion up to 5000 Hz, amplitude modulation using symetrical sine or square wave envelope and finally dip/swell amplitude modulation using custom square wave envelope. Modulation frequency can be set in range from 0.001 Hz to 50 Hz, maximum modulation depth is 30 % and again, all the distortion parameters can be set independently for each phase.

Calibration versatility

M133C is more than just a sophisticated power source. Using built-in process multimeter, both transducer inputs and outputs can be handled by the M133C at the same time so you can calibrate it more easily, using no other calibration equipment. Floating current outputs can be connected directly with voltage outputs to allow for 3-wire power meter calibration. One calibrator, many applications - saving your time, space and costs.

DC voltage 3x 1 - 280 V
± 150 ppm / year
AC voltage 3x 1 - 600 V, 15 - 1000 Hz
sinusoidal & non-sinusoidal waveforms
± 150 ppm / year
DC current 3x 5 mA - 30 A (2250 A with 151-25 Current Coil)
± 250 ppm / year
AC current 3x 5 mA - 30 A, 15 - 1000 Hz (2250 A with 151-25 Current Coil)
sinusoidal & non-sinusoidal waveforms
± 250 ppm / year
DC Power & Energy 3x 5 mW - 8.4 kW (420 kW with 140-50 Current Coil)
0.1 s - 3 years
± 440 ppm / year
AC Power & Energy 3x 5 mW - 18 kW, 15 - 1000 Hz (900 kW with 140-50 Current Coil)
0.1 s - 3 years, power factor -1 to +1
Harmonic, interharmonic, modulation/flicker, dip/swell distrortion functions
± 440 ppm / year

Process Multimeter

DC voltage 0 - 12 V
± 100 ppm / year
DC current 0 - 25 mA
± 100 ppm / year
Frequency 1 Hz - 15 kHz
± 50 ppm / year
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Remote control SW zip - manual: pdf

Versions & Options:

M133C 3 phase Three phase, extended version with power quality
M133Ci 3 phase Three phase, sine wave base version
M133C 1 phase Single phase, extended version with power quality
M133Ci 1 phase Single phase, sine wave base version
All Meatest instruments are available with 3, 4 and 5-year extended warranties.
Delivered with EU plug. Can be swapped for other types on demand.


POWER SW Software for power transducer calibration
option 110 10Ω Voltage-from-Current terminal adapter
option 133-01 90A High Current Adapter
option 151-25 3000A Current Coil x25 (M133C can drive it up to 2250A)
option 140-50 1500A Current Coil x25/x50
option 10 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, black
option 11 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, red
option 12 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, blue
option 13 Test cable 1000V/32A, 1m, yellow
GPIB cable IEEE488-IEEE488 cable, 2m
RS232 adapter RS232-USB generic adapter
RS232 cable male-female RS232 cable, 2m